Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Healer's Back Story

My name is Joshua.  I lived most of my life in Ar, the youngest son of a healer. At twenty years, I was now to learn my father’s trade. Oh I had helped since a child with changing dressings and such, but now I was to learn more. To be a healer in my own right but first I was to take a free companion, one that my family had chosen for me. She was like most free women arrogant and prideful and beautiful beneath her robes of concealment. She could have been the most beautiful woman on all of Gor and I wouldn’t have wanted her. My desires lay in the hard bodies of the male species. I only had eyes for the warriors that came through the infirmary door; their sluts did nothing for me.
With my free companionship looming I woke before first light and collected the sack I had prepared the day before and slung it on my back and crept out of my childhood home.
I made my way through the streets, avoiding any that might be around that that time. I made my way to the dock and nodded at the man waiting at the gangplank, he beckoned me up already expecting me and I slipped the silver coin in his hand. 
‘If you are discovered I will deny you,’ he said gruffly. ‘Don’t expect help from me.’
I nodded my agreement and crawled into the space that he showed me.
‘We sail at next tide,’ he informed me.

We had been at sea for four days and I had come out of my hiding place to relieve myself. I was about to return when a sailor burst through the door. He stopped dead, surprised at first by my presence but recovered quickly, drawing his dagger and attacking me. I am not much of a fighter but even if I had been I stood no chance as the sound of our scuffle brought others running.
In no time at all I was overpowered and bound, and dragged before the captain where I was forced to my knees before him.  He circled me as he glared down at me. I tried to stand but was pushed back down again.
‘A runaway slave,’ he grunted, speculating at my identity.
‘Runaway I may be,’ I snarled in reply but not slave. I lifted my head proudly and stared the man in the eye defiantly.
‘careful little urt, you stand on shaky ground,” he growled threateningly. ‘Well,’ he continued, ‘we have a choice we can enslave you, or abandon you on one of the islands around here. ‘
‘I serve no man,’ I spat rebellion shining in my eyes.
The captain grinned. ‘Throw him in a cage.’
I struggled with all my might but bound I stood no chance as I was thrust into the small cage that left me unable to even stand. I glared through the bars, my hands still bound as the crew went back to their chores and I was forgotten.
Three days later I was dragged out still bound and tossed into a small rowboat.
I protested stopping short of begging as I was dragged ashore and thrown roughly onto the ground.  My captors returned to their boat and I cried after them to cut me free, cries that were ignored. I watched as they rowed away, leaving me defenceless on the shore with a wild jungle behind me. Regaining my senses I began to tug desperately at my bonds, not able to loosen them, at least my legs were free. I struggled to my feet and stumbled along the shore. I had to get my hands free if I was to survive this wild world I had been abandoned in. I cast one last look at the retreating ship and screamed in frustration over and over at it until it was out of sight. Then dejectedly I entered the jungle hoping to find some way or something that would give me back the use of my hands and a chance of survival.